About This Blog

jour·ney·man: someone who is certified in their trade or craft, but not yet a master

Most days when I come home from work, my wife asks me about my day, some days I don’t wait for the question and I just tell her.

Some days we stay up and talk for hours. A lot of the time I just ramble on for hours, and she adds her thoughts here and there, but mostly just listens. I have a lot of feelings about things I hear and see and learn at work and I always want to talk about them.

All of these inspirations, ideas, frustrations, realizations, and lessons all come from talking to my clients and co-workers throughout the day and accumulate bit by bit until I am bursting with thoughts mixing around in my brain. I need to write them down. I have been meaning to, and now I’m going to.

I want to write about the people I meet every day. I’m seriously fascinated by all of them and maybe you will be too.

I want to write about the art of traditional barbering and the barbering industry .

This is not necessarily a blog about barbering, but it’s not not about barbering either. I want other barbers to relate to my posts, but I also want the businessman, the teacher, the waitress, the lawyer, and everyone else in between to read this blog and have it help them on they’re own journey to mastering their trade.

We should all be Journeymen.