Barbershop Etiquette

I have been taking a poll at work. “What are some things clients say, or do, that bug you the most?”  We came up with a few things to help all of our clients out a little bit.

Some Barbershop Etiquette:

Never ask your barber if they are Gay, ok? Hasn’t happened to me yet, but apparently it has to a couple others. Doesn’t go well.

If you are bringing someone back to the chair to help out with the haircut, you better be less than 5 years old AND screaming. Wives, girlfriends, Mothers, partners, and Dads - unless you are getting a haircut, just stay in the waiting area. If it is not the first haircut, or some ritual like that, we don’t need to have the extended family witnessing the act. Unless you are invited to come to the back… don’t come back. If you are the one getting a haircut and there is a “hanger-on” stalking the haircut, ask them to leave so that we don’t have to.

Don’t coach your barber (similar to the last one ^). If you want to coach someone, have your buddy give you a haircut in your kitchen, and tell him exactly what to do. They will likely get annoyed and quit though. Good for them; we don’t have that luxury. Barbers regularly have to endure the ‘John Maddens’ of haircutting. We know that most people have cut their own hair once or twice, but this does not make you Paul Mitchell.

**The following three paragraphs are about a sensitive topic.  Know that we are always grateful for any sort of tip. Don’t be offended, just enjoy the advice.**

Unless you did not like your haircut, then tip your barber. It makes us so happy, and is a sort of feedback. It lets us know how we did.  If you want your barber to look forward to cutting your hair (and you do – trust me) then tip them. If you want to be your barber’s favorite customer, then tip well. “I’ll get you next time” or “I forgot cash” doesn’t win us over either.

Unless you have actually dealt drugs to your barber before – don’t attempt a drug deal handshake with your tip money.  It’s never pretty. I have only seen it go well once, and yes, they had both done the handshake a time or two outside of the shop. Ha! Most everyone tips, so it doesn’t need to be a secret. If you are shy about how much you are tipping, big or small, then just fold it up and hand it to your barber. Or tip big, and let the world see – sets a high standard for everyone else, ya know? Either way, we’ll slip it in our pocket and we’ll always be thankful.

While on the topic… avoid making your barber stand and wait next to you while you fumble through your wallet deciding what to tip. It’s awkward for us. We appreciate you tipping in cash, but just bring it back to our chair later if you don’t have it ready, or need to break a ‘hundy’ at the register. Leaving the tip with the receptionist to give to us is great, but most barbers prefer you to hand it to them personally. Trust issues maybe… but no ‘Mob Shakes’, ok?

Barbers love stories, so talk all you want. Or don’t talk. But whatever you do – no bobble headin’. If you think you can tell a great story, using your hands while keeping your head still… you are mistaken. We don’t mind stopping every once in a while to hear about your elk hunt, or your jump shot, but the show must go on. If your barber places their hand on top of your head, they are giving you the sign, the same sign given to toddlers. Sorry that is a little harsh, but for the sake of everyone waiting, just focus for a couple minutes at a time and keep yer knoggin’ still.

That’s enough for now. I’ve probably hurt enough feelings for the day, but hopefully it will be more informative than offensive. More advice to come…

On behalf of barbers everywhere, thanks. Happy Holidays.


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